How to structure a landing page?

Generally, most of the business holders used to post advertisements on social media that are very common. The main reason behind social media advertisements is to grasp the attention of their customers and the general audience.

However, posting advertisements is not the only thing, which can help your business, because when people using social media they find so many advertisements and just scroll down for the next. In this case, you have to take them to your site that is landing site because only there they get to know about your services or business type. Therefore, to make them understand your business in a better way you have to structure a landing page in the way.

Here is the procedure for making the long-form or short-form landing page for your business;


The headlines are a very important part of the landing page so it should be in large and bold characters. On comparing to the other font size the headline font size should be bigger. The people first look into the headline of the site and if it is relevant to their search then they stay at the site. So make the headlines correctly to make them stay on your site.


Next to the headline, the priority is given to the sub-headline and it should be positioned next to the headline. This sub-headline should explain the meaning and benefits of the headline that clarify the doubt or give ideas about the business to the customers.


Every long-form landing page will be comprised of the relevant images to give a better understanding of the business or services. Remember the pictures should be uploaded with more care because when there are irrelevant pictures that may spoil the interest of the customers. Most of the landing page sites offer the full image screen option, it is a better idea.

Video (optional)

If you are interested in uploading the videos of your company or functions that occurring inside your company you can. But uploading the video is purely optional.



This is the place where you can explain everything about your services or functions that is going on in your company. The way you going to explain is the way your customer going to know about you, so keep this in your mind and make a brief copy.

Other information

These are the very important part but other than this you should mention your products or services that are offered by your company, call of action and benefits of using your company.

Final words

Through following these instructions you can able to make the right landing page for your business but before starting it understand their importance.