History of Rebuilding Re-Entry

Rebuilding Re-entry was started in the Fall of 2014. Mission: Launch, Inc. invited various stakeholders together and nearly 240+ people showed up at Impact Hub D.C. (the collaborative work space partner of the coalition).  The success of the first event was due in large part to the diverse attendance: we had members from the tech community, women and men who have returned home from prison/jail, government officials, community law and employment groups, social justice leaders, students/educators, entrepreneurs, as well as Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents come together.

Over the course of 27-hours, we enhanced empathy for the experiences of others, we tapped into our collective innovative spirits to rapidly solve barriers to re-entry, and we identified our next steps.On Saturday, 10 challenges, attached to simplifying the prison re-entry experience, were pitched. By Sunday, we reconvened with 7 solutions including  marketing and organizational hacks as well as 3 tech prototypes.

Thursday, June 4th (2015) was day one of the anticipated follow-up. In front of an audience of 75 three software applications – Fair Chance Employment, Clean Slate DC and Open Referral – were demonstrated. Clean Slate D.C. is the first community-owned, open source software designed and supported by the coalition; Fair Chance Employment and Open Referral are applications owned by coalition members, but they were shared in front of the greater community. Prior to technology report backs on progress made in the 7 months since the hackathon there was an engaging speakers panel to provide insight into some of the known and unknowns for returning residents.

Friday, June 5th (2015) 2 Stanford Design School trained facilitators walked 50 people through the creative design process. The day was all about creative visioning and tapping into an artistic and empathic side of re-entry. The challenge was to make Washington, D.C. more re-entry friendly.

With a complete event cycle finished, Mission: Launch, Inc. has agreed to take on the leadership/stewardship of this new coalition and bring this new collective network alive.

Demo Day 2015

Hackathon 2014